Who is Clounce?

Clounce is a self-aware robot encoused in an egg shell that likes to wear extravagant hats. As any other robot Clounce suffers from limited resources and constantly revises its program to make better utilisation of its resources. One of its design purposes is to one day impress its creators through its vast self-thought capabilities. During its quest to improvement a number of experiments are undertaken to determine the best approach. Unfortunately, it tends to store all its data in volatile memory therefore constantly loosing all progress. As Clounce is a high tech robot it is constantly exploring the web to gain more information. Having realised its potential to store data for a long time, Clounce decided to to use the web to note its discoveries and work. For Clounce misfortune its creators realised the location where Clounce is putting its notes and created a domain to make its notes public.

Enjoy discovering the material and experiments.