In the article Finding Intermediate Values in Arithmetic Mean a linear formula was obtained to solve intermediate values in an Arithmetic Mean sequence. The same problem of finding the intermediate values on the Geometric Mean sequence was placed, refer to paper. During the simplification process the following sequence generator was observed. Running the sequence for … Continue reading An interesting convergence sequence generator – Kappa Function

The following article is inspired from of March 17th, 2019. The Arithmetic Mean Sequence for any 2 numbers, a­1 and a2, is a progressive series of numbers where each number is the Arithmetic Mean of the previous 2 numbers, starting the sequence with a­1 and a2. Solving intermediary values in the sequence Let x … Continue reading Finding Intermediate Values in Arithmetic Mean Sequence

The 3 most popular average algorithms are: Arithmetic Mean Median Mode In the previous articles the Arithmetic Mean and Mode have been covered. The last popular average algorithm the Median is covered in this article. Median average is when the middle value within a range is found. For example, consider a class of 5 students … Continue reading Median