Handling secure connections The previous two articles of this mini-series showed how to perform a GET and a POST request on normal HTTP URLs. The last step to have a complete HTTP communication client is to handle HTTPS connections which require certificate verification. This article describes how SSL communication can be handled. The first steps … Continue reading HTTP Communication with C# – (Part III)

Making a GET Request The availability and reduced costs in Internet connections opened horizons for more use. Many of today’s software leverage its use to get last minute information from remote servers. Many applications automatically check if a new version is available. Others download latest news about the product or the company which produces the … Continue reading HTTP Communication with C# – (Part I)

Cascade assignment is the concept of having the same value assigned to different variables in one line. For example: copy1 = copy2 = copy3 = some_value; This article examines whether cascade assignment differentiate from having different assignment statements for each assignment operator. For the test scenarios consider the constructor of square shape where all sides … Continue reading Cascade Assignment