The 3 most popular average algorithms are: Arithmetic Mean Median Mode In the previous articles the Arithmetic Mean and Mode have been covered. The last popular average algorithm the Median is covered in this article. Median average is when the middle value within a range is found. For example, consider a class of 5 students … Continue reading Median

When dealing with sparse data or data that is distributed towards the edges (U-Shaped sample), finding the Arithmetic Mean or Medium can provide wrong information about the data distribution. A way to calculate the average in such scenarios is to find where the data peaks exist. This method is called Mode. The mathematical formula above … Continue reading Mode

In Mathematical articles, whether on this blog or anywhere on the Internet and literature, a number of mathematical symbols are used as a shorthand for writing mathematical notation. Within this series of articles, we attempt to provide a brief description of the notations used. Anyone is welcomed to leave constructive feedback to help the world … Continue reading Understanding Mathematical Symbols – Introduction