The steps outlined in this article outlines the steps required to setup PostgreSQL 9.5 on Ubuntu 16.04. The last two steps outline the required Java Spring configuration required to use JPA Hibernate to the PostgreSQL installed. This article is based on the work of DigitalOcean (How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 16.04). 1. … Continue reading 13 (1-liner) Steps to Setting up PostgreSQL and connecting with JPA Hibernate

Nuget packages are a popular way to distribute .NET libraries both internally and externally. Creating a nuget package from a project source is easy. In the command window, navigate to the project directory nuget spec nuget pack <Project>.csproj or Nuget pack <Project>.vbproj That is quite straightforward and easy to script. However this process has two … Continue reading Nuget Package Create through Powershell