TypeScript Template for Power Platform (and D365 CE) Web Resources

When developing on Power Platform or Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (D365 CE), it is not uncommon that new functionality need to be introduced to the application using JavaScript.

Working with raw JavaScript or with some libraries like JQuery can sometimes make it a little cumbersome to maintain and debug your implementation. When the code is simple, it is easy but when complexities start getting introduced like, API calls to 3rd party systems or a very complex business process, the code might end up quite huge. Thankfully for these situations one can really on TypeScript to make the code more modular and intuitive.

Using Node.JS a TypeScript base project has been created that can be used across multiple projects to kick-start the setup. TypeScript project template available at: https://github.com/kdemanuele/Power-Platform-Web-Resource-TypeScript-template