Last time we started to look into digital electronics. One handy building block for our experiments is the facility to provide input values to our circuits. An easy way to do is by using DIP switches but I find it always difficult to toggle the positions of the switches. Also, sometimes we want to provide … Continue reading BCD Switch

Working with Azure SQL Server, is very similar to working with the traditional on-premise SQL Server. However when it comes to managing users some differences start to become apparent. The first noticeable difference is when trying to create a new login or user. The traditional and user friendly dialog will not appear but instead a … Continue reading 4 Steps to add an SQL managed user to Azure SQL Server

When working with Azure Storages security of data is a common topic of discussion. With the latest changes in Azure, the security of the data at rest is now by default. It is also possible to set the transfer of files to use TLS 1.2 for further security. However a commonly missed security setting is … Continue reading Securing an Azure Storage File Share behind a Point to Site (P2S) VPN